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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Utmost Insanity

This is the ad that the Arab Physicians Association published in last Sunday's Al Ahram newspaper urging doctors and pharmacists to boycott Danish pharmaceutical products in order to "make the prophet victorious". They listed the Danish medical products on the right column and the Egyptian alternatives on the left.

Well, what if a patient has to take the Danish medicine as it was the case with my colleague's mother and sister? Certain medications do have an Egyptian alternative, others don't.

The insanity of what they did is unspeakable. Words cannot describe how stunned I am. The words of my colleague are still ringing in my ears. "Do they think the prophet will be happy when a sick person won't find the medicine he/she needs? Is that how you make the prophet victorious?"

This is not just getting stupid, this is getting crazy.


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