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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Where is the outrage?

This is just in.

Suicide Blast, Clashes in Pakistan Kill 22

USTARZAI, Pakistan - A suicide bombing ripped through a Shiite procession Thursday in northwestern Pakistan, sparking riots during the Muslim sect's most important holiday. At least 22 people were killed and dozens injured, officials said.

The bomb targeted hundreds of people in a bazaar soon after they emerged from the main Shiite mosque in the town of Hangu, district police chief Ayub Khan said.

My fellow Arabs and Muslims, please pause for a second and fathom about what happened. A sunni guy decided to sacrifice his life just to blow up a few Pakistani Shias (a.k.a Muslims). And this isn't the first time such a thing happens. It happened before in Pakistan and happens daily in Iraq. Do you see the magnitude of this disaster? There appears to be multitudes of your sons who are willing to die just to kill other Muslims!

Now where is your outrage? All of you who stopped buying Lurpak butter just because a single INDEPENDENT newspaper in Denmark published some cartoons. All of you who now demonize the entire West because of what a single Danish paper did. Isn't what happened in Pakistan more insulting to Islam? I bet you that tomorrow morning only 0.0002% of the Arab/Muslim world would have heard of what happened today in Pakistan.

The bomb won't leave the turban as long as you are so indifferent towards the lives of your fellow people. I can assure of that.


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