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Monday, February 13, 2006

Why am I swimming against the current?

I got several emails and comments from fellow Middle Easterns asking me why I am constantly criticizing and pointing fingers at us. Well, I have a very simple answer to this question: the problem is in US and the problem is not in THEM. I will keep repeating it till the last day of my life. I believe that's the only thing available for me to do in order to create a better future for my children. I will keep swimming against the current even if the majority is swimming in the other direction.

I will keep reiterating the fact that the problem is in US simply because that's the same thing the Japanese and the Germans did when they miserably failed over 50 years ago. Really, it doesn't have to take a huge failure for us to start looking in the mirror.

For the time being, all what I am going to do is speak out my mind without dilution, hypocrisy, and political correctness.


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