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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Congress sets up fight with Bush

A powerful committee of the US House of Representatives has voted to block a deal that would give a Dubai-based company control over six US ports.

Opinion polls have shown an overwhelming majority of Americans think the White House is wrong to back the deal.

This thing is so upsetting. Now Bush is up against congress and the public! Both parties in congress are raising this issue for political gains this November. The Democrats started this whole thing to pull the national security rug from under the Republicans, and the Republicans decided that no one will beat them on their home turf. And the American public inhaled more and more Arabophobia as a result of this debate.

President Bush is in a very awkward situtation. His decision to use the veto for the first time will not go well domestically and it won't really earn him new friends in the Middle East.


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