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Monday, March 20, 2006

Let Divorced People Rot Says Papa

The head of the Coptic orthodox church, Pope Shenouda, warned the judicial court that "no power on earth can force on the Church anything against the teachings of gospels." A court recently ruled in favor of a divorced man who wishes to get married in church. In Egypt, religion is a huge social thing, and even atheists would want to involve it in their marriages.

OK, your holiness. So based upon your own interpretation of something written 2000 years ago (that is definitely subject to interpretation and re-interpretation), you are simply denying the basic right of getting married to thousands of human beings called divorced people. So a woman who passed through hell in order to get divorced from her abusive husband won't be able to marry the decent man she hopes will help her forget the bad days of her ex. And this poor Christian woman wants to get married in church because that's the only thing her society accepts since civil marriages are some sort of a taboo here.

So Pope, just because you're not married and you've never experienced the agony of making a mistake in choosing your partner doesn't mean you deny the right of divorced people to have a new start. The last time I checked, I found out that God is a God of second chances.


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