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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Look Who's Coming This Spring

To all those English speakers who are tormented by Western mainstream media: Your agony will finally end this spring because Al Jazeera is coming to you very soon - and in English. Congratulations!!

A former BBC (of all channels) journalist who will join AJ said something that really caught my attention.
"Before I joined it felt like a big risk but there's actually not a lot of money being thrown about and I've not discerned any possible Qatari influence in terms of the channel's politics."

Well, I hope this journalist asks his new employers why the Arabic AJ said nothing about the entire Qatari tribe that had its citizenship stripped off by the Emir due to their allegiance to his father, whom he deposed in a 1995 bloodless coup. I'm also interested to know why AJ talks about historical coups in Egypt, Syria, Bolivia, Namibia, and the South Pole yet never said anything about the coup in Qatar.
Yes right, Qatar has no control over the channel's politics.


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