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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lurpak is back

The Islamic "scholars" attending a conference in Bahrain issued a statement calling for the Muslim world to end their boycott of products made by the Danish company Arla Foods, the manufacturer of Lurpak butter. The diary products giant received the biggest blow from the boycott. In addition to its extensive business in the region, Arla foods product are easily found and can be replaced by various alternatives, and hence the boycott had a significant negative effect on the company's global sales.

The "scholars" pardoned Arla because the latter published print ads across 52 newspapers and aired a TV commercial condemning J-Posten and stating that freedom of expression does not include what the Danish newspaper did. The company then expressed its willingness to find a possible solution with the "scholars" in Bahrain. Arla's PR campaign drew criticism from the Danish government that viewed the company to have gone too far.

(Source: Al Arabiya (Arabic))

Update: A group of Danish feminists, disapproving of Arla's PR campaign in the Arab/Muslim world, have decided to launch a boycotting campaign of Arla foods! They even have their own website (Danish).

Poor lurpak butter. It faced a boycott in the Middle East, now it's facing a boycott in its homeland.


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