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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pakistan blocks blogs on cartoons

Pakistan telecom authorities have blocked several websites inviting people to draw cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, it has emerged.

I simply can't understand this blocking thing. If someone doesn't want to see these websites, s/he can do something very simple: order his computer mouse not to go these sites. Case closed.
Bloggers in Pakistan became first became aware of the ban on 28 February when they were unable to access a popular blog hosting site, Blogspot.
One of the blocked sites is hosted on Blogspot, which led to the blocking of all web journals hosted on the site.

A round of applause please for the idiots at Pakistan's telecom authorities!!
Many are using anonymizers - a service which allows people to surf sites without being identified - to access their sites, while the US blogging community has sent out suggestions for ways in which Blogspot can be accessed.

May God bless American bloggers.
Pakistani bloggers agree the blocking of Blogspot cannot be intentional, but are hoping the authorities realise the problem soon and rectify it.

I'm hoping that too.
Pakistan, meanwhile, is seeking an internationally applicable law against blasphemy.

Ummmm, well, I just hope it's not the blasphemy law Pakistan applies.


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