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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Palestinian Experts

I wrote before about how we never manage to keep friends. The Palestinians are our experts in losing any friends they have. I don't know why I have the feeling I wouldn't be very upset if all international aid agencies were to leave Palestine. I would feel much better. Learning a lesson sometimes hurts.

What did the Palestinians do? Well, Israel made the stupid decision to raid a prison in Jericho right after American and British monitors withdrew from the premise. What did the Palestinians militants do? They kidnapped 2 French! That's classic. And what were the French doing in the hell zone which is called Gaza? Working for a medical charity. Look at the situation we're in. Americans and British monitors withdraw from a jail, Israel raids it, and the Palestinian militants kidnap French people! How smart.

Not only did they kidnap 2 French doctors, they also kidnapped the director of International Red Cross and they threatened Americans and Brits who also do charity work in Gaza.

Well, the majority of Palestinians are against such kidnappings. Bullshit. This thing happened countless times, it seems it is rooted in Palestinian stupidity.

Palestinians, you are MORONS. Excuse me, I just can't find any other word.


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