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Saturday, March 25, 2006

A thank you from under the molar

In Egypt, when a person is forced to say something s/he wouldn't have normally said, we say the person's "words came from under his/her molar". Rescued hostage Norman Kember struggled as he pulled the words "thank you" from under his molar - yet he managed to pull them at the end.

Freed hostage Norman Kember has thanked the soldiers who rescued him from kidnappers in Iraq as he arrived home.

He had faced criticism after apparently failing to thank the men who freed him.

But, in a statement released as he was reunited with wife Pat at Heathrow airport, he said he did not believe armed force achieved lasting peace.

Well, sorry to disappoint you Mr. Kember, but the truth is that without this "armed force" your a.s would have still been with the kidnappers who might have been thinking about how to do to you what they did to Tom Fox. And in case you're not happy sir, I bet you can easily find your way back to your prison cell.

I don't have a problem whatsoever with what Kember was doing in Baghdad. In fact, I respect him for doing what he did. However, pulling the "thank you" from under his molar just disgusts me because I hate it when people don't appreciate what others did to them.


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