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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thank You Lords

A school which was told it unlawfully excluded a Muslim pupil for wearing a traditional gown has won its appeal at the House of Lords.

The Court of Appeal had said Denbigh High School had denied Shabina Begum the right to manifest her religion in refusing to allow her to wear a jilbab.

But in a unanimous ruling, judges at the House of Lords overturned that.

They said the school had "taken immense pains to devise a uniform policy which respected Muslim beliefs".

It had done so "in an inclusive, unthreatening and uncompetitive way".

If you remember, Shabina wanted to go to school in a jilbab which is completely different than the head cover that Muslim girls wear. The jilbab is a burqa without the face cover. The school went to great length in order to device a uniform policy which respected Muslim beliefs, yet when Shabina showed up one day wearing the jilbab, the school simply said "enough is enough".

Shabina's case was what motivated me to sue the British government remember. I wanted to go to a London school wearing clothing that my new religion required. Ohhhh, praise Nudenus!


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