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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tormented By Ignorance

The picture you are all seeing above is of an 18 year old young man who was removed from his grave 3 days after he was buried. His horrible looks are the result of him being tormented in hell during his 3 days stay at Satan’s.

No, I didn’t lose my mind. That’s the exact word that have been going around the Arab world via zillions of emails, text messages, and video messages. All urging people to become religious in order to avoid the fate of this young man.

Whenever I hear those urging us to become religious, I always ask myself: how can we get more religious than we already are? The vast majority of our girls cover their hair, mosques are packed during the 5 prayers, and we have managed to infuse religion in every, and I swear every, aspect of our lives regardless of how trivial it is. You can even find mosques in the middle of Egypt’s deserts. The same is true with the Christian population. Surprised by the sudden religiosity of their Muslims compatriots and alienated from the country’s sociopolitical life for the past 54 years, they have reciprocated with their own religiosity and confined their lives between their families, close friends, and the walls of their churches.

Now, am I against people becoming religious and spiritual? Not at all. All what I am trying to do is ask the question: did it make us better people? Are we better off now?

The answer to the above 2 questions is a blunt no. No, we are not better people today and we are definitely not better off than we were 40 or 50 years ago. The people urging us to become more religious know this very well. They know that even though religion is now a huge thing in our lives, we are still far behind other countries. As a result, they now think the reason for our backwardness is that we are still not religious enough and they are trying to change that.

Ummmm, why am I saying all this. That’s not what I really intended to say when I posted the picture above.

The picture above is an indication of a serious development, that we as a nation are returning back to superstitions and religiously inspired fantasies as a result of us allowing religion to invade every material aspect of our life. In the past, during the golden liberal age, the educated upper and middle class used to mock the superstitions that the poorer peasants engaged in. Now we’ve got educated middle class people using modern inventions such as e-mail or mobile multimedia messages to disseminate fantasies and other unrealities.

To conclude, we will only develop and move forward when we split the material and the spiritual world. In the spiritual world we pray, we fast, and we strive to be good people. In the material world, we work, become creative, and understand that there is little room for the religious in the material.

You mix the religious with the material, you get stupid things.


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