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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What??! ACLU Board!.......Florida!.....CAIR!.....How?!

That was my reaction when I read that the chairman of CAIR was elected to the Florida board of the ............hold your horses..............ACLU. (H/t The Sandmonkey)

Can someone please tell me how can both organizations sleep in the same bed? An anti-CAIR Muslim American once told me that CAIR members are obvious sympathizers with the worldwide movement of the Muslim Brotherhood. A number of their members were MB in their native countries before emigrating to the US.

Is ACLU sympathizing with the MB now?? I mean, the MB are anti-gay, anti-total freedom of speech, anti-women rights that are based on western principles, and the list goes on..Or is the ACLU just hypocrites?

I am not passing judgments here, I'm just asking an innocent question.


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