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Friday, March 03, 2006

Women ponder future under Hamas

And what does Hamas make of the lifestyles of more secular women - those who might like to go unveiled and spend an evening talking to friends of the opposite sex in cafes?

Among them is a young civil servant called Hayeh, who is one of the tiny minority of women who go unveiled in Gaza.

"Where do I fit in this society as a Palestinian who comes from a liberal background?" she asks.

"Hamas people say that they're not going to harass anyone - that they're not going to impose anything, that they're not going to impose a certain dress code or veils or whatever. "But it will come indirectly. Discrimination doesn't have to be direct - it can be indirect.

"For instance if I'm working in a ministry where my boss is from a conservative background he might not allow me to be promoted.

"At university I might be discriminated against because I'm not wearing the cover."

This Palestinian lady is right. Groups such as Hamas and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood might talk about being "moderate", yet they are only trying to coate their poison with sugar.


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