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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Iraq Angry at Mubarak

Iraqi government denounced statements made by President Mubarak in an interview on Al Arabiya.

The Iraqi government has denounced Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's comments that Iraq was in the throes of civil war and its majority Shiite population was under the sway of Tehran.

On Saturday speaking to Dubai-based Al-Arabiya television channel, Mubarak warned Iraq was in the middle of a civil war that threatened the Middle East and expressed alarm about Shiite
Iran's influence in Arab countries.

"There are Shiites in all these countries (of the region), significant percentages, and Shiites are mostly always loyal to Iran and not the countries where they live," he said.

"Naturally Iran has an influence over Shiites who make up 65 percent of Iraq's population."

There is much truth in what Mubarak said. Maybe Iraq might not be in the middle of a full fledged civil war, but the influence of Iran is a reality and has alarmed Arab states, most notably Egypt and Saudi.


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