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Sunday, April 09, 2006

What to do regarding Iran

While you have to take a grain of salt when reading anything Seymour Hersh writes, I'll still consider what he said was true. His recent article mainly says that the Bush administration is looking into plans of a major air attack and increased clandestine activities inside Iran.

First, I am totally against any form of military action against Iran. The Iranians hate their rulers but they won't hesitate to rally behind them when their country is under attack. Besides, looking at the mess in Iraq, very few Iranians would want to experience regime change Iraq style. So, the military action should be off the table.

Now, the clandestine activities. I wrote before that the US and the UK could open secret channels with Iranian minorities, arm them, and relax back and watch the Mullahs as they get busy worrying about their own house instead of exporting their evil to Iraq and Lebanon. This option does not lack risks namely the possibilities that these rebel groups would engage in terrorism. But if the diplomatic option didn't work and China and Russia protected the Mullahs from the UN, then this option might be the only good one left.

The Mullahs are experts in using surrogates in other countries to cause trouble as well as extend their influence outside their borders. Why not make them taste their own poison?


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