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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Elections, what elections? Part 2

I got many comments that disagreed with my previous post. I said that Iraq's elections should be postponed and I still believe they should. Let me tell you why?

First and foremost, the average Iraqi is not in a dire need for elections right now! All what he wants is security, electricity, clean water, and a job. Iraqi politicians are talking about elections, elections. The average Iraqi is talking about jobs, electricity, and SECURITY.

Second, if elections were held next January, the same political parties we're seeing today will win (among them very strong Islamic parties with ties to Iran). The Iraqi voter doesn't have a clear choice. A poll last spring found that over 40% of Iraqis won't vote for any of the existing political parties. There is huge political vacuum in Iraq and time is needed for various political parties to emerge. The delaying of elections will give time for fighting the Wahabi/Salafi animals and in parallel political parties will emerge.

Third, those who think that elections will bring security are simply wrong. I heard the same thing when sovereignty was transferred last July. I even heard the same comment from the American government itself. That shows their lack of understanding of the animals they are fighting in Iraq. Those Salafi/Wahabi animals are fighting a religious war. They don't believe in any elections, they don't believe in anything. Killing them is the only way forward. Egypt had done it, Algeria had done it, Saudi Arabia is doing it, and I hope the Iraqi forces are capable enough to do it. The Salafi/Wahabi animals in Fallujah and other cities can easily claim that the elections are held under "occupation" and so they will continue with their mass murder. Muqtada Sadr already said the same thing.

All sane minds who care about the average Iraqi think that elections should be postponed. Elections without security is nonsense. If you asked the average Iraqi today what he is waiting for, his answer won't be "hey I'm waiting for elections" but "hey I'm waiting for this light bulb to light again"!

So to proceed correctly, someone must convince Sistani to accept a delay in the timetable. The government and its American allies should start curing the Sunni cities a la Najaf, in other words, by using massive force and then open a door slit of diplomacy. Then the Iraqi government should concentrate on keeping this damned light bulb on for a longer period until election day in July or August 2005.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hostages Update

Orascom Telecom announced that 2 of the Egyptian engineers kidnapped in Iraq were released. The company said that the others would be released soon. The deal is said to have reached millions of dollars.

Elections, what elections?

It is now clear that holding elections in Iraq is a near impossible task. Today, King Abdullah of Jordan said that it won't be posible to hold elections next January. I believe he is correct. There is much trouble in the central Sunni areas and until now Iraqis don't really have a choice about whom to elect. Postponing the elections would be a great idea.
The problem is that Ayatollah Sistani, the true ruler of Iraq, doesn't want to postpone the elections. Sistani's main concern is this: he wants Shias to rule Iraq as a majority. He literally doesn't care about anything else. I don't blame the guy. Shias were persecuted in Iraq for so many years.
Well, if someone managed to convince Sistani to accept a delay in the timetable, that would be excellent.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Stories Behind the Hostages

Your heart will break if you heard the different family stories behind the 6 Egyptian hostages in Iraq. They are engineers working in central Iraq’s mobile phone network. They were induced to go to Iraq after being offered lofty packages by the Egyptian company that owns the Iraqi network.

One wife told how her husband was kidnapped while taking to her on the phone. She suddenly heard people speaking and the voices fading away. Anyway, the whole ordeal is just heart breaking and horrible. I am sure however that the kidnappers are looking for a ransom. Even an Iraqi blogger’s relative was kidnapped and returned after his family pain a ransom. I am still afraid lest the kidnappers get a better deal from Zarqawi or other group that belongs to the HKA (Holy Kidnappers Association).

Another wife said how her husband is “Muslim” who “prays on a regular basis”. She added that he wanted to help his “Muslim brothers” in Iraq.

I understand the poor woman’s anguish, but I’m always sickened when I hear such well known words. Well, what if her husband was a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist, an atheist, does that make him less worthy of living?

Anyway, I hope the ordeal ends soon. I also hope that the money they will get won’t go to terrorists. I personally prefer the K4M folks rather than the K2S.

K4M = Kidnap For Money

K2S = Kidnap To Slaughter


Al-Jazeera to Go "Shalom"!!!

The Arabic edition of the Yediot Ahronot (Israeli newspaper) claims that an Israeli-American businessman proposed to the Qatari ruler to buy 50% of Al-Jazeera channel!! The newspaper claims that the businessman met the ruler of Qatar in a conference attended by Bill Clinton. According to the paper, the ruler of Qatar took the idea seriously and assigned a finance company to determine the channels' maket value!

Now, I seriously doubt this report because Al-Jazeera is an integral part of Qatar's foreign policy agenda. I mentioned before that only a phone call from Colin Powell threatening to remove the US military base from Doha can reduce the channel's deadly poison.

However, if this report is true, I still believe that it would be a huge mistake to sell it to an Israeli or even an American. The Qatar ruler can do us all a favor and sell it to a reform minded Arab businessman who can purge the channel of all the Muslim Brotherhood employees and shift it towards a more progressive path. Al-Arabiyah's new manager is currently struggling to move his channel to this phase.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Pics From Cairo!!!!

Here are a few pics I took on my recent journey to old Cairo. Please go here to check the pics I posted today Sept. 24.

Al-Muski market:
a market in old Cairo. This market is always packed on Fridays. It is near major Islamic monuments and so you can always find tourists wondering around in it.

Sabil: This is called a "Sabil", a house designed to provide water to passersby. It is about 200 years old. Noble men built these Sabils to provide water and host a religious school. Water was poured in this basin underneath the window. The window was opened to allow people to reach out and fill their empty jars with water.

Lemon: women selling lemon and small apples. The apples are in the size of a lemon. They are VERY juicy.

Al-Hakim mosque: A 1000 years old mosque built by the Fatimid ruler Al-Hakim. Fatmids were Ismaili Shias (a sect of Shias) and they ruled Egypt for a very long time even though most Egyptians were Sunni Muslims and Christians. 25 years ago, Ismaili Shias came from India and asked the late president Sadat if they can renovate this mosque. He allowed them to do so. They rebuilt the mosque and covered its floor with marble. They believe that the water that comes from the well in the center of the mosque is holy. I'm note sure how many holy wells are there in our world!

Shah Tomb: This tomb is of the Shah of Iran who died in 1980 in Cairo. After the Islamic revolution in Iran, the Shah and his family fled their homeland. No country wanted to keep him, not even the United States that was concerned about its hostages in Tehran. Only Egyptian president Anwar Sadat decided to take the ill Shah who suddenly lost all his friends when he lost all his power and wealth. The Carter administration did not even send any delegation to his funeral in Cairo. Only his 2 personal American friends Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger attended. Kissinger called what Carter did "a black page in US foreign policy history". Empress Farah Pahlavi, the Shah's wife, mentioned lately that she wished to move the Shah's body from Cairo to Tehran after her country becomes free from the devilish theocracy there.

Italian House: This is a masterpiece house in downtown Cairo. It is about 60-70 years old. The house symbolizes the wealth that Egypt was in when the monarchy was ruling. Cairo and Alexandria were full of Europeans who exported their style of buildings to Egypt.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

A Great Man

The Nobel peace prize committee are currently undergoing secret discussions to choose the 2004 Nobel peace prize winner. Dr. Baradaie, chairman of the nuclear agency watchdog, is one of the most likely winners. If he did in fact win, Mr. Baradaie will be the fourth Egyptian to win a Nobel prize and the second to win the peace prize (the first was president Sadat). To tell you the truth, I firmly believe that this year’s peace prize should go to Kofie Anan, the secretary general of the United Nations.

I reached this conclusion after hearing the great Kofie Anan speak in front of the general assembly meeting 3 days ago. His speech moved me tremendously and I was about to shed tears as a result of the powerful words he was uttering.

What a great man of peace. This humble man transformed the United Nations into an agency that spreads peace worldwide and prevents the hegemony of powerful countries.

Mr. Anan told his audience of world leaders who the war on Yugoslavia was “illegal” because it did not result from a security council resolution (NATO countries unilaterally took military actions because they were sure that Russia would have vetoed any resolution calling for tough actions). He added that no country is above the law and that the problem of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo should have been solved within the “world body”. He indirectly condemned the unilateral actions that NATO members took to save the people of Kosovo. Mr. Anan also pointed out how the UN was so successful in ending the genocide in Rwanda and Sudan.

His speech reached a high emotional fever when he turned towards the Iraq delegation and with tears in his eyes he apologized for the sickening corruption that occurred in the food for oil program. He mentioned that he bore the responsibility for this huge scandal and told the Iraqi people that he is “sorry that the UN was involved in diverting billion of dollars away from the impoverished people of Iraq.”

I believe this speech was so sincere and…………………………………….WHAT? WHAT? What are you telling me???? Mr. Anan didn’t say the above words??? What did he say instead?? Ummmm, sorry folks, it seems that the stuff I sniffed on that day affected my ear drums.

Monday, September 20, 2004

That's not in New York, ummm, not even in Salt Lake, well this pic was taken in Iraq! So are the Yankees ready to play with their Iraqi counterpart next season??! Don't expect me to attend the game, I don't even know how baseball is played! Posted by Hello


The good thing about this story is that finally baseball is being played in the Middle East. I'm not sure if I'll turn out to be a fan or not! The bad side is that this pic was taken in Kurdistan, the land where Kurds and many Turks live in Iraq. An American soldier can go to a crowded street in Kurdistan, take off his gear, and sleep for 5 hours right on the pavement. Not even a fly will hurt him. You can have a baseball league in Kurdistan. However the Sunni Wahabi/Salafi animals in central Iraq are still preventing Iraqi kids from carrying the bat there. Sadr's dirty Shia gangs in the South are doing the same. Anyway, to hell with them, Long Live Kurdistan!

Ever since the beginning of this war, I said countless times that Kurds are the ONLY hearts that Americans will return home with. Americans can never be sure whether Kurdish or Turkish kids can turn out to be good baseball players, by they must be sure that they risk loosing Kurds' hearts if US presidents continued to kiss Turkey's butt everyday in the morning while taking Kurdish friendship for granted.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Hopeful Signs

There are very good hopeful signs that the Europeans and the US are starting to cooperate together on various issues. This new post-Iraq war tacit cooperation is so crucial for the war against tyranny and terror.

It seems that post-Madrid bombings Europe suddenly realized that America’s enemies are also her enemies. The Madrid train bombings, the largest Islamic terrorist attack in Western Europe so far, was a huge wake up call from the I’d-rather-die-than-cooperate-with-America Europeans. Also, the recent kidnapping of 2 French journalists in Iraq shock the masters of L’Appeasement and woke them to the fact that they are on the terrorists hit list as well.

We’ve seen awesome cooperation between the US and France on the Lebanon issue. Both sponsored a resolution telling Syria to leave Lebanon alone. That was a great move. On Iran, the EU and the US are together drafting a resolution demanding Iran to disclose its nuclear ambitions. Good cooperation on Sudan is currently underway as well.

I don’t think the axis of weasels (France, Germany, SS (Socialist Spain), etc..) are ready to help Iraq yet. I really hope that changes after the Iraq elections.


Once again, Kofie Anan lashed against the liberating war in Iraq by branding it as “illegal”. Mr. Anan wants us to believe that Saddam’s torture chambers and mass graves had more legality in his sight.

Well, I don’t blame the guy. The US needs him and his clown Lakhdar Brahimi in Iraq and so it is ready to eat his s...t. This is the reason why the US stood in front of any serious effort to correctly investigate the massive corruption of the oil for food program. Even Iraqis stood talking about this scandal. I really hope Anan gets a phone call from Danford telling him that Iraqis will open the can of warms if he didn’t shut up.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


The poll now stands at 77% Yes 23% NO!! Now I'm fed up and decided to mess up with Al-Jazeera and its many viewers. Go to The poll is on the right. Click on the second button, the button underneath. This button votes "NO", in arabic it is written like this (لا) for those who might see it. Al-Jazeera's website is in cyberspace and so all internet users have the right to vote. Send this to EVERYONE YOU KNOW, send it to your entire mailing list, post it to message boards, u name it.


I am shocked. I am disgusted. I am feeling so terrible.
I just logged on Al-Jazeera’s website and found a new poll that asked people whether the recent bombings in Iraq would result in the fulfillment of the desire to see the American forces withdraw from Iraq. The literal translation of the question was as follows: Do the recent bombing operations in Iraq serve the quest for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq? 4646 participants voted in this poll. 39.4% choose “No”, 60.6% said “Yes”!!!!!!!!!

What kind of animals did we Arabs turn into? Even animals care for their own species. 60.6% of those who participated in the poll are willing to see Iraqi civilians bombed, maimed, crushed, and killed just so that America loses in Iraq. What kind of rational is this? What kind of mentality is this? I am ashamed to be a part of this mentally crippled region. Everyday I believe even more that there is no hope for this region and that it is in fact a huge clash of civilizations.

I blame dirty barbaric Muslim clerics for this distorted way of thinking. Clerics who are so thirsty for blood and full of hate and heinous dogma. I blame the Arab media that really doesn’t give a little piece of shit about Iraqis as long as they see America suffering in Iraq. To hell with Arab unity. To hell with “Islamic brotherhood”. These are all empty slogans we choose to believe in. Hatred towards America far exceeds all those slogans.

I know that 39.4% voted “No”, thank God for them. I also know very well that we wouldn’t have got such a result if this poll was in a progressive news website such as or any other website that doesn’t care about America nor Mozambique but rather cares about the future of Iraq (I admit those websites are so few). However, al-jazeera’s website is the most popular news site and 4646 participants is a huge sample. And 60.6% is a very painful majority as well.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

What Am I Hearing?!!!!

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Al-Jazeera's 3 pm news bulletin. My eyes just popped out and I screamed "COME HERE" to everyone in my house. They all gathered around the TV and listened at this unusual news bulletin from the mouth of horror Al-Jazeera. What happened to Al-Jazeera? How come they are so unbiased and full of truth this time? How come they are reporting this? Did they get a new manager? Did the Emir of Qatar order this change? I felt so happy.

In a previous post I commented on the slight positive shift in Al-Arabiya's reporting. Now it seems that Al-Jazeera decided to surpass Al-Arabiya in covering the news in an unbiased way that does not incite terrorists to continue their killing rampages. The anchor had this to say in the bulletin:

Anchor: Good afternoon, here is the 3 pm news bulletin report. Over 30 Darfurian babies died today from malaria on the Sudan-Chad border. Their families complained that they had to flee for their lives after the Janjaweed militia, the Arab militia that is backed by the Sudanese government, burned down their villages and poisoned their water wells.

Mother of dead Darfurian baby: The Arabs are killing us. We fled our village after the Janjaweed militia burned down our village and killed our men. Why are the Arabs killing us? Aren't we Muslims as well? Where is Amr Mousa (the secretary general of the Arab league)? Why can't he speak against the Sudanese government? It is a shame that only America and Europe are willing to do anything to save our babies.

Anchor: At least one thousand Shias demonstrated in Najaf against Muqtada al-Sadr and his so called Mahdi army. They demanded that he closes his office and leave Najaf. The demonstrators were enraged after the police found many decomposed bodies in Sadr's court. They also expressed their support for the interim government.

Demonstrator: This criminal should leave Najaf. We do not want his gangs in our holy city. He has disgraced us. We want justice for what happened in his court. We want justice for those mutilated bodies.

(Anchor interviews a very anti-Sadr political analyst)

Anchor: A 13 years old Christian Iraqi boy was shot dead in Mosul. Several of his relatives were seriously injured as well.

Mother of deceased boy: Why??? Why did the Salafi/Wahabi animals kill my child? This is new to us. We must all stand beside our government and the coalition forces as they fight those animals. In Iraq, there is no difference between Muslim and Christian. Those animals should be uprooted and I blame Arab satellite channels for promoting their deadly agenda.

Anchor: The new bulletin ended. Stay tuned for "An era's witness" program. Today the program will interview the former Qatari foreign minister who will tell us how the current Emir of Qatar overthrew his father in a 1995 bloodless coup. Stay tuned.

I looked at my family and they were literally frozen in their chairs. I myself was struck with a speechless surprise. What happened to Al-Jazeera? Suddenly I felt water all over my face. My face was getting cooler. I didn't know where this water came from. I closed my eyes and opened them again and found my dog licking my face. Offffffffff, he woke me up. It was a dream!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Opportunist

I don’t want to get involved in American politics. My blog is mainly about the Middle East and Egypt. However, what I am going to say now does touch upon the Middle East and this is why I have decided to post this.

Shocked by the bounce that President Bush got from his convention, democrats blamed John Kerry for not attacking Bush enough and advised him to put on his gear and unleash the dogs.

Kerry did just that. He attacked Bush in his most vulnerable area: Iraq. He hit him where it might hurt. It is now clear that Iraq is a possible liability to Bush since the public is almost evenly divided over this war. Heeding advice from fellow democrats, Kerry went on the “offensive” by saying something very interesting: (Iraq was) the wrong war, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I have been vomiting a lot these days over the coverage of Al-Jazeera and Al-Ahram’s (Egypt’s top paper) failure to honorably report the slaughter of an innocent poor Egyptian worker in Iraq. Kerry’s statement made me want to vomit one more time. I just can’t believe how opportunistic the senator from Massachusetts can become. It is now clear that Kerry will stump his feet on anything just to get elected. I know that all politicians want to get elected, however, the public expects them to limit their actions within certain moral boundaries. Kerry’s statement only solidified the fact that he is willing to do anything and say everything to reach the White House even if he changed his position a zillion times. He’s not just the Flip-Flopper, he became the Opportunistic Flip-Flopper. He became the just-like-a-sailor-I-change-my-position-whenever-the-political-winds-are-taking-me.

Senator Kerry calls the war in Iraq a “wrong war”. Oh, really Senator? Then why on God’s earth did you vote for it in the first place (ummmm, not mentioning that you voted against its funding later on!!). You saw the same intelligence and you saw the same threat and you voted YAH. If Iraq was a “wrong war” then why did you tell reporters before the Republican Convention and after hiking along the rim of the Grand Canyon that you would still have voted to authorize war on Iraq even if you knew then there were no weapons of mass destruction. Senator, you changed your position in less than a month!!!! Or did you change your position just because of Bush’s 10-11% lead in the polls!!!

Kerry should learn from an older fellow democrat, senator Joe Lieberman. This great man who disagrees with Bush on many things knows what is at stake in Iraq. He knows the Middle East quite well and knows that Iraq is the region’s hope of creating a decent country. Senator Lieberman understands that it is OK for America to be divided over health care and gay marriage, yet America should show unity over a war that received tremendous bipartisan approval. Kerry’s latest position weakens the US resolve in Iraq and send the wrong signal to Iraqis and the world.

Kerry could have said “I agree with this war, I saw the same threats, I voted for it, I told reporters at the Grand Canyons that I support it, yet I disagree with Bush on so and so”. Kerry didn’t sat that. Maybe such a morally correct statement might not be enough to narrow Bush’s lead! Americans deserve such a morally correct statement, so do Iraqis, and above all so do those who are planning to put their trust in Kerry to lead America in the war on terror.

One of Bush’s most powerful, if not the most powerful, statement in his acceptance speech was “You Know Where I Stand” period.

N.B. This blog is not about the US elections or politics in America. I’ll still support the US in Iraq wholeheartedly even if Kerry became the president. I just had to comment on something that does involve Iraq.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Still Sick to the Bones!

Imagine this story: terrorists captured one of your countrymen in a foreign country, he stayed as a hostage for sometime, and then the police found his body on the roadside. The terrorists put a bullet at the back of his head, his legs were tied, and his arms were tied around his waist. Now, what would you feel if the following day your major newspaper had this as main headlines: President Bush sets an new education agenda; The Lakers beat the Bulls 89-76. You skim through the newspaper and find the horrible news mentioned in a tiny column on page 4 (reserved for international news!).

This is what happened to an Egyptian who was found dead in Iraq. He didn’t even make it to page 2! I felt so angry and disgusted at how Egypt’s number 1 newspaper is treating fellow Egyptians. Is our lives so cheap and unworthy? There are two possible reasons for neglecting this important story:

First, in nearly all developing countries, the life of a single person is not important even if he was brutally murdered by a Wahabi Iraqi terrorist or a clumsy young Egyptian doctor who practices over poor patients. So, what difference would a poor Egyptian who wanted to try his luck in Iraq make? We already have an overpopulated country of 70 million.

Second, the paper might still be hoping that there is some legitimacy and justification for the killers of Iraq. They don’t want to really come against the Wahabi/Salafi/Sadamist animals in Iraq lest the average Egyptian suspect that his beloved paper turned pro-America. Such a rationale is sick and makes me want to vomit yet I am not surprised. The paper reports any major military operation by US and Iraqi forces in a major headline yet didn’t even mention the decomposed bodies found in Muqtada Sadr’s “court” because the cleric with the dirty teeth suddenly became an Egyptian and an Arab hero.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Qardawi: It's OK to Kill American Civilians in Iraq.

Egyptian-born and Qatari-based prominent sunni cleric Youssef Qardawi issued a fatwa declaring that it is a must to kill American civilians in Iraq because they are "invaders" just like the army. The fatwa was issued in a meeting with the Egyptian journalist syndicate here in Cairo.

Qardawi is the spiritual leader of the Islamist political party the Muslim Brotherhood. He left Egypt and is now living in Qatar in a mansion that would fill Bill Gates with envy. He lives under the protection and blessing of his fat financier the Emir of Qatar.

There are two very interesting points in Qardawi's fatwa. First, he didn't include the British on his target list. Aren't the Brits "occupying" south Iraq? Well, it seems that the multimillionaire cleric excluded them because London gave him a visa and enabled him to travel and speak at the inauguration of a huge Islamic center in Londistan, ops, I mean London. Qardawi is barred from entering the United States due to his support for suicide bombings in Israel. So, hey you Americans out there, if you wanna get excluded from the holy man's hit list, give him a visa.

Second, my dream is to ask Qardawi this question: your holiness, are we allowed to kill American soldiers in Qatar? You sure know that the ratio of American soldiers to Qatari citizens far exceeds that of Americans soldiers to Iraqis, besides, the US command center during the war in Iraq was not in Florida but in Qatar! I am sure Qardawi will pee on himself if someone asked him such a question. If he answered yes to my question, then I guess he will have to say goodbye to his Qatar mansion and to the Al-Jazerah program he uses to preach to the masses. He'll also bid farewell to the money pipeline that connects the Qatari government to his many bank accounts and "Islamic sound" investments.

Qardawi's fatwa must shed light on US-Qatari relations. The Emir of Qatar controls both Al-Jazerah and Qardawi, yet the fat man likes to have it both ways: the largest US base in the region and the richest Sunni cleric who calls for murdering US citizens as long as they are outside Qatar! When will the US tell the Emir enough is enough?

WHAT!!!! WHAT!!!! Al-Arabiyah Called Them "Criminals"!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday I was shocked! The hair on my head stood up and my eyes popped out. No, I didn't pock my finger in the electricity socket; I was just watching an Al-Arabiyah news report on the recent slaughtering of hostages in Iraq.

The report was on the recent killing of the 12 Nepalese and the 2 French hostages. In a dramatic shift in Al-Arabiyah's previous rhetoric, the presenter labeled the kidnappers as "criminals" and not "legitimate resisters", and in a clear reference to Al-Jazerah, he went on criticizing satellite TV channels that allowed such groups to promulgate their deadly propaganda. He added that the kidnappings became a way of blackmailing nations and obtaining ransoms. He mentioned how a Kuwaiti company paid $500,000 to secure the release of its workers and how Al-Arabiyah was approached by one of those groups who asked it to pay money in order to get one of their tapes. Al-Arabiyah refused the deal. The presenter went on to say how Al-Arabiyah sticks by the professional rules of journalism, blah blah.

Now, frequent readers of my blog know that I've written before about this slight shift in Al-Arabiyah's reporting. Don't get me wrong, I will never trust an Arab news channel even if an angel told me so, but such small positive developments should be welcomed. I believe the slight change in Al-Arabiyah was a result of the following:

As mentioned before, Al-Arabiyah got a new manager a few months ago. Abdul Rahman Rashidi was the editor in chief of the London based El Sharq El Awsat newspaper. This paper is pro-Iraq and hosts a number of impressive Arab liberal writers. The paper publishes stupid articles written by Islamists and fascists as well, but they're just to balance things up. The paper's overall content is very positive. However, don't expect a complete change in Al-Arabiyah though.
Al-Arabiyah is owned and financed by Saudi Arabia. The channels recent attack on Iraq's kidnappers might be because of Saudi's own fight against its home-made terrorists/kidnappers.

BREAKING NEWS: I am going to buy a digital camera soon. Expect some great improvements in the blog.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Sick To the Bones

Today Egypt number 1 newspaper published a photo of one of the Iraqi kidnappers while he was handing copies of the Quran to the released non-Iraqi hostages who were working for a Kuwaiti company. An Egyptian was among the hostages. They all appeared happy as they lined up to get their copy from the "holy kidnapper". Al-Ahram did not mention that the Kuwaiti company had to pay a huge ransom to win their release and that the quran distributing "holy kidnappers" are nothing but dirty a** h*les seeking money to prolong their terrorist activites. Why would Al-Ahram give a hoot about how those hostages were released? They reported the news of the slaughtering of the previous Egyptian hostage in a 7 lines column on page 4! I hate the double standards, I hate the hypocricy that doesn't seem to decrease even when movies of slaughtering Egyptians are getting posted on the internet.

Someone Hit Me!!!!!

Someone hit me please. Someone hit me with a baseball bat. I just can't believe it. The I-always-hate-America-no-matter-what France decided to team with the US in a UN resoultion that tells Syria that it is not so cool to occupy Lebanon and screw up its elections.

Syria is using its occupation of Lebanon and control over everything in the country to pass a constitution ammendment that would allow its puppet President Emile Lahood to stay longer as president. This is competely against Lebanon's constitution.

We have three prospects for decent countries in the Middle East: Iraq (may God end its evil forces), Iran (may God shake up its people to start a revolution), Lebanon (may God end its Syria/Iranian mullahs dominion).

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