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Monday, February 28, 2005

Hafez Asad's Statue Pulled Down!

A group of Lebanese pulled down the statue of the late Syrian president Hafez Assad. The statue was in Lebanon!

This reminded me of another statue that fell in April 9, 2003!

Coptic Riots Again!

A thousand Coptic Christians held a peaceful demonstration inside a church. They claimed that 2 young girls were "kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam". Well, I don't believe them this time. I believe the 2 girls might have willfully converted to Islam as a result of one of these scenarios:

a. The girls fell in love with 2 Muslim guys and ran away with them.
b. The girls were blackmailed by something.
c. The girls wanted to become Muslims.
d. The girls were offered money.
e. The girls wanted to escape from their daddy's house and so decided to change their religion.
f. There are many other scenarios.

I feel so sorry for Egypt's Christians. A Christian who becomes a Muslim for whatever reason on this crazy planet is hailed as a wonderful juicy lucy soul that was snatched out of the infidel world of Christians into the marvelous light of Islam. Here, a convert is a saint regardless of what forced him/her to become a Muslim. Mike Tayson is hailed as a brave "former Christian" who saw the light of Islam right in the middle of the darkness of the US of A. It doesn't matter if he cut off his opponents ear with his teeth or raped a woman.

Well, what happens if an Egyptian Muslim decided to become a Christian? If he managed to stay alive, he will definitely not get the media attention that those 2 girls got nor will he get the police protection that they are enjoying right now. He'll end up with the notorious State Security Police or if he's lucky he'll manage to stay ungrounded or escape to a western country.


It's gonna be a looong journey my friends.


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