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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Big Pharaoh vs. Great Britain

I was so delighted when I heard the news that a Muslim school girl in Britain won a case against her school that prevented her from wearing a jilbab, a long gown that covers the entire body, from head to toe. The school sent her home because the jiljab is not an official school uniform. Now she can go to school with the jiljab which exceeds the normal head cover that millions of Muslim women wear.

The girl's win proves that "religious rights" should be placed above all other rules and laws in Britain. The British court's ruling is so encouraging to me because I am thinking about suing the British education authorities when I go to the London school I enrolled in.

See, yesterday I converted to a religion called Nudadism. It is a very peaceful religion that rejects any form of clothing. In our holy book Nudaible, our god Nudenus orders us to go to school naked because clothing is an evil human invention that man made in order to cover Nudenus' creation. We have a verse in our Holy Nudaible that says "Oh Humans, We have created thou naked, thou go to school naked"

It would be a huge infringement of my religious rights if my London school prevented me from going to class naked. The evil racist bigot education authorities must understand that Great Britain is a "multicultural" society that must accept all religious beliefs. If my religion orders me to go to school naked then I have the right to go naked no matter what the school's rules are! I don't give a hoot about the school's uniform guidelines. Great Britain opened its door for me and so it must put up with ALL my religious rites even if they contradicted their laws and regulations.

OK. Let us talk serious now. If the school rules set a specific uniform then the Muslim veil must go, the Jewish head cap must go, the Sikh turban must go. If that's not possible, then the Muslim girl must enroll in a school back in Pakistan, the Jewish boy can join a yeshiva in Jerusalem, and the Sikh can return back to India. It is as simple as that.

To all my European friends, your beautiful culture and history are being eroded by this lie that is called "multiculturalism" while you are standing idly like an iceman in a desert. You cannot please everyone. First it was the head veil, then it is the jilbab, in the future it will be the Taliban Burqa (not to mention my nudism!!). Ohhhh, Praise Nudenus!

N.B I took a rest from serious politics. I just wanted to write something sarcastic this time! Tell me what you think.


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