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Friday, March 11, 2005

Why they didn't move a single hair

Jordanian news sources mentioned that the suicide bomber who killed over 130 Iraqi Shias in Hilla was a Jordanian named Raed Mansour El Banna. A telephone call came to his family informing them that Raed was "martyred" in a "martydom" operation. The family held a funeral and his father stood proudly to accept the condolences! The news sources also mentioned that Raed was in the US when the attacks on New York and Washington occurred and the 911 attacks turned him from "a normal person to a very religious person" according to his brother.

What kind of sick people are they? The father and the brother were proud of what Raed did. They were proud that he killed over 130 people just because they were Shias. I can accept the fact that sick evil animalstic people live among us, but I just cannot understand why the Sunni establishment is silent. Why didn't the Sunni leaders of Al Azhar (the world's largest Sunni unversity) here in Cairo stage a protest after the Hilla massacre? Where are all the demonstrations we saw before the Iraq war? Where are the Sunni leaders in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Indonesia? Why are they silent? Why didn't they fill their capitol's streets and ask their people to do so as well? I will tell you why ladies and gentlemen. I will tell you why nobody moved after the Hilla massacre or after yesterday's massacre in Mosul that slaughtered over 50 Shias. They didn't move because those Iraqis were not killed by Americans. They were not killed by Israelis. I said it and I say it one more time: here in the Arab/Muslim world, a corpse with an American or an Israeli bullet in it is worth a billion times more than 100 bodies that were torn apart by non-American and non-Israeli explosives.

Source: Elaph (in Arabic)


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