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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Laura Bush Does Egyptian Politics

It seems that Mrs Bush knows a lot more than chocolate pudding and children books. Today, the first lady of the US endorsed president Mubarak's decision to ammend the Egyptian constitution citing that reform should come slowly. Her statement infuriated Egypt's opposition with a muslim brotherhood spokesman saying that "Mrs. Bush statement does not represent the US administration". Ummmmm, a muslim brotherhood member is defending the US administration, that's pretty interesting!

I am not sure if Laura was voicing her personal opinion or speaking on behalf of the government, but I tend to agree with her for reasons I already mentioned before.

I hope Democrats won't tell Bush "hey, did you fire Condi and replace her with your wife?"

Martin Kramer tells the world that I am real and that I am an Egyptian and not a CIA agent pretending to be an Egyptian! (N.B I am NOT the guy in the Pharaoh pic)


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