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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Ugly Tancredo

Congressman Thomas Tancredo (R-CO) said in a radio interview that if a multiple-city attack happened in the US and was found to be the work of “Islamic” terrorists, then “we should take out their holy sites.” Asked if that meant Mecca, he answered, “Yes.”

I couldn’t believe that such words would come from a US congressman, supposedly someone who is trying to build a bridge between the US and the Muslim world. His words are a spit in the faces of millions of Muslims around the world and Muslims in the US and in Colorado. Upon visiting Tancredo’s website, I found out that he is very active in helping the Sudanese people of Darfur. I am sure that those people whom he is trying to help won’t appreciate his stupid comment given the fact that most Darfurians follow the Muslim faith.

The only thing Tancredo can do is resign from his post. I don’t know how that might happen or the mechanics of it, but nothing else can at least slightly lessen the damage his irresponsible comments have done.

This morning several independent newspapers carried major headlines such as “US congressman wants to nuke Mecca”, “Nuking Mecca, the latest call of American extremism.” America should thank Tancredo for the great service he has done for the US!!


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