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Sunday, October 02, 2005


To: Arab/Islamic (media, religious leaders, governments, street)

From: A very sick and tired Big Pharaoh

Re: Your hypocrisy

Dear all,

Three days ago, over 100 Iraqi Shia civilians were brutally murdered by 3 suicide bombings in the Iraqi city of Balad. The car bombs followed each other to ensure the maximum number of casualties. Earlier this week, terrorists entered a school and lined 5 teachers against of a classroom wall and gunned them down right in front of the school kids. And what was your reaction? Nothing.

I haven't noticed a single reaction from your end. I haven't seen gruesome pictures in your media. I haven't heard of a single fatwa issued by your religious leaders. And more shamelessly, I haven't seen a single demonstration on your streets. To be very blunt with you, I am sick and tired of you and your hypocrisy and I wish that one day I'll be snatched away from your sick culture.

The reason I am so angry with you is not because of your indifference towards the daily massacre of innocent Iraqis per se, but because I can see a tremendous amount of ugly hypocrisy emanating from you. You held large demonstrations during the Palestinian Intifada and before the war in Iraq. Your media turned into an emotions crushing one-sided propaganda machine that did nothing except radicalize thousands of your youth and turn them into potential suicide bombers. You rationalized the murder of people in America, Madrid, and London by referring to your political grievances in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Yet after you did all that, I find myself very puzzled and bewildered towards your indifference (and sometimes joy) towards the daily killing of Iraqi civilians.

You claim that you don’t want your fellow Muslims being killed in Palestine and Iraq, yet not a single hair on your left butt cheek moved as a reaction to the terrorists’ massacres in Iraq or the genocide in Darfur. Hell, believe me, I’m not searching for your sympathy towards the American employee who jumped out of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 or the Indonesian Hindu shopkeeper who got torn into pieces yesterday in Bali, I’m just looking for your sympathy towards your own people. I can’t believe how your hatred towards the US and your media’s obsession with everything America does blinded your eyes and froze your heart towards the suffering of the same people you claim you support. What kind of rationale is this?

To sum up, I am simply sick and tired of your straight forward hypocrisy, denial, and culture that never fails to baffle my mind. This foul culture and sick mentality that places a price tag on your dead based upon who killed them. This culture that believes Katrina was a lesson from God to the US while doesn’t pause and ponder about what lesson was God giving the thousands upon thousands of poor Iranians (a.k.a Muslims) who died in the Bam earthquake or the multiple thousands of Indonesians (a.k.a Muslims) who perished in the tsunami.

You might call me a “self hater”, “someone who is tarnishing our image in front of his international readership”. Tell you what, I don’t give a hoot about what you might call me. I didn’t start this blog to please you neither did I start it to please whomever decides to log on here. I started it to channel my thoughts and opinions as well as vent off my anger towards your behavior and especially that of your awful media.


The Big Pharaoh


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