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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

French daily prints anti-Islam cartoons

The Paris daily France Soir, on Wednesday, printed the dozen cartoons, explaining that it chose to do so to illustrate the polemic sparked by their original publication, in the Danish Jyllands-Posten paper last September.

The French paper said it had decided to reprint them "not from an appetite for gratuitous provocation, but because they constitute the subject of a controversy on a global scale which has done nothing to maintain balance and mutual limits in democracy, respect of religious beliefs and freedom of expression".

According to France-Soir, "these 12 drawings could appear anyone," but their publication, "which has tested the limits of the freedom of expression in Denmark has engendered a wave of indignation at anger in the Muslim world."

Who's next??

A question: what if a single newspaper in 30 countries published the cartoons in the name of freedom of expression, will we boycott all 30 countries?

The Sequence of Arab Rationale

I bet many of you were shocked at the reaction of Arabs/Muslims over the Danish cartoons affair. I am sure most of you come from countries that are used to see authors, newspapers, etc publish stuff that are offensive to a particular religion (The Da Vinci Code book is a good example). Below I'll try to explain the sequence of how we think so that you might get a better understanding of what this whole outrage is all about. Yet promise that you won't burst laughting at our way of thinking and remember than you once thought in the same manner. You know, when you had your dark ages and stuff!

Rationale 1

Danish paper publishes offensive cartoons ....> Danish government does nothing to the paper citing freedom of speech .....> Danish government failed to defend Islam .....> Danish government hates Islam...> Boycott Denmark

Rationale 2

Danish paper publishes offensive cartoons ...> Paper published cartoons because it hates Islam ...> Danish people did nothing and support paper's right to publish the cartoons....> Danes hate Islam just like all Westerners ....> Boycott Denmark

Rationale 3

Danish paper publishes offensive cartoons ...> Danes are Christian and they have a cross on their flag ...> And we know Christians want to destroy Islam ...> boycott Denmark

Rationale 4

Danish paper publishes offensive cartoons ...> Our mainstream media expresses our sentiments especially in matters that concern religion (i.e. no Arab paper would ever publish an article that is critical of Islam)...> This must be how the entire Danish population view the prophet Mohammed ...> Boycott Denmark

Just because I am so angry at the above rationales, I urge everyone to


Info on Danish products here.

Join the campaign.

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