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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Press Release

From: Christian Peacemaker Teams

To: Media

Re: The freeing of CPT members in Baghdad

The Christian Peacemaker Teams strongly condemn the barbaric military operation conducted by the occupation and imperialist forces to free CPT members Norman Kember, James Loney, and Hermeet Singh Sooden. The occupation forces acted irresponsibly and disturbed the peace in the neighborhood where the 3 hostages were held. We as a peace organization strongly condemn such abhorrent acts.

The 3 CPT members were held by patriotic Iraqis whom we sympathize with. These poor souls were so distressed by the occupation of their country and they had no other way to voice their opinion except by kidnapping hostages and chopping their heads off. They have done so in the most humane way.

“They killed Tom Fox because they wanted to tell the world that they wanted hospitals, schools, and Starbucks in the Sunni areas. We fully understand what motivated them to do so” said CPT head Dough Pritchard. “Nobody asked the occupation forces to free our members”.

Even though we are glad the 3 hostages were released, we all hoped it could have been done in a way that didn’t involve the occupation imperialist forces in Iraq. As a result, we’re offering to send our 3 members back to the patriotic Iraqi resistance.

N.B. Above post is tongue in cheek


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