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Monday, March 20, 2006

To kill or not to kill

One of the things I really like to do is visit Al Arabiya website everyday and read the comments that people leave after they read a controversial news story. It gives me an idea of how people think about various topics.

Today I was reading what Al Arabiya visitors wrote about the story of Afghan man who might be executed for converting to Christianity. Many of the comments I read made me want to vomit, others were breezes of rationality.

I chose a few of these comments. I included the good, the bad, the ugly, and the very ugly.

"We hope that rationality supercedes the implementation of laws that contradict innate human traits. There is no other option besides freedom of religion for all. Only then will the religion be for God"

"The missionaries use the poverty of the people to spread their faith. By the way, the power of their religion is short lasting because it is abrogated" (BP: Idiot, the guy converted 16 years ago and he was outside Afghanistan)

"There is no compulsion in have your religion, I have mine" (BP: That's a verse in the Quran)

"I am a female medical student. Converting out of Islam is forbidden" (BP: a medical student and she think that way! God help us!)

"I hope other Islamic nations will learn from this nation (Afghanistan) how to apply Islamic law"

"Fear God Al Arabiya..and cease such useless news stories" (BP: yea yea, the life of an innocent man is useless to you idiot! Ops, I forgot, he's a dirty apostate!)

"If I were in his shoes, I would have pretended that I returned to islam then escaped and practiced my faith somewhere else"

"I was not surprised when I read that. Bush and his ilk are waging a crusade and this is an expected outcome. Coverting people to Christianity occurs in poor areas....I hope Muslim youth will rise up and carry out charity work in order to fight Christian missionaries."

"Once again Islam is being portrait as the religion of sword. Let Allah judge him. Show mercy and many many others will join our religion. Kill him and many many more will resent being Muslims and the enemy of Islam will have the most effective ammunition to attack our religion." (BP: thank you for having a good mind)

"This is the reason why America invaded Afghanistan"

"I applaud this man for his courage and for how he spoke the truth. Don't worry, Christ will protect you. I've converted to Christianity and I hope that no one will crucify me. These people are destroying everything, may God forgive them and lead them to the right path."

"These things constitute a priority for the occupiers (i.e. US). The first thing they did is kick out all the Muslim charity organizations on the pretense that they are support terrorism, and this is a war from a long period of time. But now Muslim countries are the ones assisting these missionaries by putting pressure on the Islamists. In our law, a person who forsakes the religion should be killed and there is no freedom in this regard. And may God guide this apostate back to Islam"

"Where is justice?"

"To my secular Muslim brothers who are expressing their sympathy towards this man: these are the teachings of Islam, no negotiations in them. Allah's laws should be applied and let the secularists say whatever they want" (BP: oh no, this guy is dangerous)

"Islam doesn't need people who are not convinced by it. Where is the problem then?" (BP: good point, any religion doesn't need people who are not convinced by it. It's a simple fact"

"This man didn't find correct guidance in his life from religious leaders and he didn't know what Islam is. This is why he moved towards Christianity. Bad parenting also led to this"

"for all the people in Arabic country try to understand the lord created us free and he just want the things which make us happy and we are free"

"The law of apostasy must be taken within its historical context, when the Muslim nation was still at its birth stage. During this time there were people who pretended to be Muslims in order to spy on the Muslim community and make it vulnerable. Therefore such a law was instituted to foil the plans of such people. However, today the situation is different. A Muslim becomes a Muslim because his parents are adherents of Islam, in other words, he is Muslim by "hereditary". And he was not given the chance to choose his religion. As a result, it is unfair to force a certain ideology on a person and kill him if he didn't accept it. This also is against the humane nature of religion." (BP: excellent reasoning)

"Where is the justice? Everyone is free to do whatever he sees right with his life. Islam is a religion of tolerance"

"i think they must tell him about islaam before they kill him coz he knew nothing about islaam and about Christianity. May god show him the right way (the way of islaam) (BP: hehehehe, preach to the guy before you kill him!)

"Lies" (BP: now, don't be surprised, that's why favorite comment! didn't happen, no no, it didn't happen, I can't see a thing, my head is buried in the sand. LOL)


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